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Property Valuations Brisbane

Property Valuations Brisbane, and all other property enquiries are compiled by our experienced Property Valuations Brisbane Team.

The Head Office is based in Creek Street, Brisbane CBD. Consequently our Brisbane based professional valuers are trusted residential and commercial valuation professionals.

Please contact us today to find out how we can be of service to you. We value properties for all purposes.

Property Valuations Brisbane - asset valuation experienced professional valuers

What Do We Provide In Regards To Property Valuations?

Our experienced property valuers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne provide:

  • Long and Short Report Valuations;
  • Commercial Property Valuations;
  • Residential Property Valuations;
  • Land Valuations.

Furthermore, we provide our clientele with Expert Real Estate Advice throughout Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Additionally, our valuers are professional, fast turn-around, efficient and have the skills necessary to ensure your valuations are of quality standard.

In addition, we understand the Brisbane Property Market, and all our friendly and experienced valuers are Certified Practicing Valuers (CPV).

The Australian Valuers Institute (AVI) has registered and certified all of our valuers.

Likewise, our knowledge predicts that Brisbane is a fast growing state, and you need the best Property Valuations Brisbane for the best market knowledge.

We Are Here To Serve You Property Valuations in Brisbane

Firstly, The Asset Valuations Group have a strong company worth ethic.

Continuing on, we provide super fast Property Valuations.

Furthermore, we describe ourselves as:

  • Professionals;
  • Great Communicators; and
  • Strong Work Ethic.

Also, Core Value is a big factor in our worth ethic.

In conclusion of the above, you, our valued client, will not be disappointed with our Brisbane Property Valuations and their team.

Therefore, please call us today on 0422 026 728. 

Additionally, email us at

How to Value a Property in Brisbane

Also, our valuers understand the Brisbane Property Market.

In addition, they value units, residential and commercial properties.

Moreover, each method of value has a different purpose.

Firstly of all, Residential Property Valuations believe the following:

  1. Comparative Market Analysis;
  2. Highest & Best Use;
  3. Summation

Secondly, Commercial Property Valuations are more in depth and require the below:

  1. Comparative Market Analysis;
  2. Highest & Best Use;
  3. Capitalisation rate (if a business is in use)

Lastly, Units & Strata Unit Valuations are quite easy and go as follows:

  1. Comparative Market Analysis;
  2. Highest & Best Use;
  3. Summation